khai’s online portfolio.

khai’s online portfolio.

Luxury property pitches

We celebrated the aesthetics of nature and positioned the development itself as an ode to nature through sheer poetry, imagery and soaring visuals.

The concept is manifested in a bound book of haiku with photographs. Nature transcends and becomes art. A sense of tranquility from the forest with the accompanying cadence of poetry permeates the entire book.

We also proposed fashioning the direct mailers as postcards with nature haiku and background landscapes of the development.

We manifested the appeal and accessibility of the development as a hidden nature gem in a travel and style publication. This unconventional, intriguing approach also draws on the fact that not only do people travel to escape their daily urban grind, they seek out literature on it as well.

We proposed fashioning the direct mailers as folding maps, and a microsite designed like a travel website.

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